My hobby: Wildlife photography and Travelling by trains

Here is a short excerpt of my daily lives. I am a wildlife photographer who is very enthusiastic to travel various parts of this world. One day I wanted to visit my nearby wildlife sanctuary to shoot some wild birds, but when I was at the railway station I came to know that I have forgotten to stop my kitchen faucets 2014. What you could do if you had ever encountered such problem. My monthly water bill is more than electricity bill and such occurrence has really made me disappointed. However, to go to home to stop my kitchen faucet I thought to talk to my municipality office to get me out from this problem.

I could not postpone my journey, and really municipality people did what I wanted. However, I was bit nervous but I had nothing to do than going back to my home to stop my faucet. Such situations have not occurred with me first time. Once I was going to shoot one of the best places of my nearby places, but I forgot my camera at home. This is not uncommon thing because almost all the wildlife photographers face same situations in their lives.

My daily schedule is something what other would consider as a joke. But it was I enjoy and never think what other think about my lifestyle. Because I am a bachelor and bear only some responsibilities I do not care what my neighbor discuss about me. I just do what I like to do and I enjoy the way I live my life.

Different people have different types of hobbies and their lifestyle is totally controlled by what they opt. I love travelling by trains however I can fly by planes. There are people who compromise their amusements because they care more their neighbors than their own wishes. But I am an exception and let me know how long I would be able to do this.


Importantance of Innovative thoughts in resolving unresolved problems by Rambam

Our daily lives are very busy in workouts, jobs, meeting and social gatherings. And if some time is saved from that we hardly utilize it in identifying problems we daily face. Some problems are easy to resolve but some may be completely new for us. Therefore, how can we go for those things which we have never encountered before? Idea is simple but we need to think on it carefully. Do you know that most of things can be resolved with common sense? We hardly use common sense because we always look problems like a big mile stone which needs special attentions to be achieved. And believe it that it is only confident that makes you successfully in the tasks you want to complete successfully. Suppose, if you think that a particular task is hard for you and you are in capable of completing it then definitely you would lose it. Therefore, always have a positive attitude towards the things you want to accomplish in your lives.

In ancient times, people were fighting with deficiency of resources but they had fully utilized the things they had. It is a fact that in lack of things you can not work on certain things but keep in mind that you might have lots of available resources that could serve your purpose. We always try to relate certain tasks from certain resources but we forget available resources and equipment. If our forefathers can invent great things without having any resource why we can not do in today’s advanced world full with innovative technologies. What is necessary is that we have to take steps to achieve our goals without seeking any hurdle in our lives. Life is hard but it can become more livable if we take it like that without thinking of resources.


Welcome to

Hello friends, you are most welcome at It is our first post on this esteemed Website and therefore we have decided to first introduce us so that you could know us well. For your information, we are a group of people who have been engaged in doing research on history. Our main motto is to find out how hard it was to spend a comfortable life in ancient times. At that time people were not educated and neither have they had resources to do things efficiently. But they had used their knowledge and invented some of the great things for which we can always be obliged to them. It was really very hard for them to invent the things because to invent something we need resources. At that time there were lots of problems in working on any esteemed project but they had done it with limited resources and without any help. It is also reflected in many journals that how Sephardic Jews have struggled to make their lives decent. However, here we are not going to discuss anything about particular groups but we would concentrate on things which we find reasonable to discuss. Suppose, you would be at that time then how could you enjoy movies because there was no theatre at that time?

Well talking about amusements in ancient Sephardic ages was tough to find but still they had lived their lives with fullest. They had very decent schedules of their day jobs and they were planning for it well before. They had time to think how to make comfortable living. However, they had struggled a lot but they had find lots of thing for which we can always thank. Doing scientific research in that time was tough still they had find lots of thing which we think are hard to find in current time with lots of resources. The main motto of the is to discuss and think how our forefathers have struggled to make our lives pleasant. You all are requested to put your own thoughts.